One of the best ways to check grammar, spelling or paraphrase your word document or article and create better content is by using content writing tools.

Not only can you excel with better work, whether a student, writer, blogger etc., but you can also save time, money & effort and get better results with the work you put out.

Whether you’ve heard of the two tools or not, their main principle are going to be the same: they’re both good tools that allow you to easily fix up your writing.

I’ll go over all the features that both software offer including their pricing, functionality, and more – so you can decide which tool is the best fit for you.

If you’re unsure which tool to use, then this Quillbot vs. Grammarly breakdown is for you.

Quillbot vs. Grammarly Overview.

Here’s a quick overview of both content software.


Quillbot homepage vs Grammarly,

Quillbot is a writing tool that is specifically designed to assist educators with their students’ papers.

In the past, teachers had to do their writing the old-fashioned way—by hand, which was often frustrating and time-consuming.

Quillbot makes their lives easier by providing students with grammar and writing instruction with their students’ assignments to help students improve their English language skills.

You can use Quillbot almost anywhere with its chrome extention

Quillbot is SO easy to use and works with a variety of programs.

You can use the Chrome Extension to edit text as you write emails, or pretty much any text online.

Additionally you can copy text into the Quillbot interface if you want to paraphrase it.

Here are some key features:

  • Your life is easier with its easy interface
  • It checks for errors in language, punctuation, and spelling.
  • It comes with millions of synonyms and definitions.
  • Has a Google Docs and Chrome Extensions
  • Free account usage


Image: Grammarly Dashboard; Source Grammarly

You probably know of Grammarly if you do any kind of writing online.

Over 10 million users use it daily, making it the most popular spelling and grammar checker on the web.

So why all the hype? How does Grammarly work?

First and foremost, it corrects grammar and spelling in sentences.

But it goes further than that, pointing out areas that need attention in the original work.

It helps you avoid common mistakes in your writing and editing and gives you suggestions to improve your writing, all with the click of a button.

Works on any device You can use it on your computer, tablets, and phones.

The mobile site is easy to use and it works well on all smartphones.

You can even write directly on the browser in your WordPress blog with WordPress plugin.

Using this can be the key whether you write something sloppy and unprofessional or quality content.

Some of Grammarly key features include:

  • Punctuation and Grammar
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Writing Style checker

Whatever kind of writing you may be doing – professional writing, casual writing, hobby writing – Grammarly can help you rewrite your emails, social media posts, blogs, and formal papers.

Using Grammarly would benefit the following people most:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Students
  3. Content marketers and copywriters
  4. Professionals and business writers who want to write an accurate report, presentation, or email.

Quillbot vs Grammarly Key Features.

1. Paraphraser


If you want to use the same information online, paraphrasing tools not only help you improve your writing tone and avoid repetition, but also make it easier to avoid plagiarism.

QuillBot paraphrases portions of text or an entire article using machine learning technology.

After you input a sentence or portion of text and press the paraphrase button, QuillBot will:

  • Reword your content while maintaining its original meaning.
  • Offers a built-in thesaurus feature that allows you to find the perfect word every time, and change individual words.

QuillBot is the best paraphrasing tool to use if you don’t have to switch windows.

Image: Quillbot Dashboard; Source Quillbot

You’ll benefit from it because it integrates with your existing writing tools like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Google Chrome.

The free version allows for paraphrasing up to 125 words daily limit, but a premium account allows you unlimited paraphrase words.

Furthermore, the premium plan paraphrases texts faster, has more writing modes, and shows you your one sentence in multiple modes to compare results.

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Grammarly, the number one spell and grammar correction tool, is capable of paraphrasing and finding errors in your writings, articles, reports, research, and texts.

This will make it easier to put your words in an order or way that better suits you!

As soon as you click on the rephraser button, your original sentence will be rewritten as two sentences.

Additionally, the tool may rewrite your sentence with fewer, more concise words to make it clearer and more direct.

Grammarly offers the rephraser label for free.

The Grammarly Premium is worth paying for and can be used to check plagiarism, as well as resources for citing and crediting content.

Grammarly’s Premium, Business, and Edu versions include more advanced features such as paraphrasing, sentence structures, and syntax.

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2. Grammar Checking


QuillBot’s Grammar Checker has been designed to be a one-stop-shop for writing, offering assistance from source selection, language refinement, and now editing for clarity and fluency.

Grammar checker integrates three functions into one robust tool designed to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

The content edits a writer makes for assignments, autobiographies, etc. They can then be run through QuillBot to identify errors, big or small, common or obscure, wherever possible.


Your writing will change as soon as you use Grammarly.

The free checker:

  • You can highlight errors while you write or go through the text at the end to make sure no errors have been overlooked.
  • Explaining how sentences could be improved or restructured with clear examples
  • Checks spelling in English, American, British, Canadian, and Australian.
  • It works on several devices and types of documents

Plagiarism Checker

There are many reasons to use plagiarism checkers.

If you are a blogger or run a website, you can use it to avoid penalties from search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

They tend to punish high-volume authors and companies for using duplicate content.

They’re also helpful to ensure you are staying in compliance with copyright laws.


Since Quillbot Plagiarism Checker is now available, you might expect it checks your content for plagiarism, which is a new feature they introduced.

There is similarity between it and other plagiarism checkers on the market.

If you send it some text or articles, it’ll scan the web for duplicates.

You can scan 20 pages per month when looking for plagiarism with Quillbot Premium.

Additionally, you can purchase additional pages if you need them.

Quillbot is best used via their website as it provides a smooth experience.

QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker:

  • Detects if you have failed to correctly assign authorship to text previously published in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources.
  • Helpful when paraphrasing, summarizing, linking ideas, and organizing sentences. Your text needs to be organized so it communicates your views as effectively as possible.


It can scan your entire document for plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker:

  • Will recommend alternate language and synonyms to improve the structure of your document. In some cases, the tool might suggest rewriting the entire sentence.
  • Other times, all fragmented sentences will be highlighted.
  • Sometimes, the tool will find inorganically repeating phrases in your writing.

Ease Of Use

When choosing which tool to use, ease of use is crucial.

The reason you should always use a tool that’s easier to use is that you don’t want to spend most of your time learning how a process works.

Taking that into consideration, let’s look at the ease of use of both platforms.


QuillBot’s user interface is straightforward. You won’t have to waste time trying to locate everything you need.

Basically, this applies both to all three basic tools as well as the Citation function.

Copy or upload content into the empty input section and press the green button.

As part of its function, QuillBot gives you a lot of control over the AI’s behavior.

While using the Tonal Modes and Synonym bar, you can also freeze individual words or phrases.

On the output field, all changes are color-coded. The text is therefore easy to spot and correct errors without any difficulty.


Using Grammarly is straightforward due to its browser extension/add-on compatibility, which allows you to use it on millions of websites.

Furthermore, Grammarly’s additional product formats, such as the Online Editor (Web App), MS Word/Outlook Add-in, extensions, and the

Make it more accessible on the go with Grammarly Keyboard for iOS/Android

Quillbot vs Grammarly Pricing Plans.

Both Quillbot Vs Grammarly have free versions.

QuillBot free plan: which grants access to these things with a few limitations.

  • All 3 Quill-modes are available (Standard, Fluency, & Creative).
  • Paraphrase up to 400 characters simultaneously.
  • There are 3 possible words to flip
  • Maximum number of summarizer characters is 5000
  • Google Chrome and Google Docs extension are free for use
  • 2 sentences are processed simultaneously

There are no limitations on the free version of Grammarly, so you can use it indefinitely without limits or trial periods.

Grammarly Free Plan:

  • Basics you need to know about writing
  • A comprehensive spelling checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Punctuation checker

Also, the free version of Grammarly is pretty impressive as I explain.

But you will need to upgrade to Grammarly Premium to unlock all of Grammarly’s features.

Grammarly Premium is currently priced at:

  • If you pay annually ($144.00) you’ll pay $12.00 per month.
  • When you pay quarterly it will be $20.00 a month
  • Monthly payment is $30.00.

(Grammarly Business also costs $12.50 per month when billed annually. Grammarly Premium includes all of the features you need including an admin panel, statistics for your team, etc.)

Quillbot Premium is currently priced at:

  • You would be charged $19.95 per month for a month.
  • Subscribing to its Semi-Annual plan is $59.95 every six months ($9.99/month).
  • Annual subscription: $79.95/year ($6.67/month) costs.

(The premium plans are more affordable than grammarly.)

Perhaps you are wondering whether the free version will make sense? Or should you upgrade to Premium?

Read my full review of Premium versions below to find out what I think about this.

Grammarly Premium review

Grammarly Premium is one of the best grammar checkers on the internet.

Everything you get in the free version is included in the premium version.

Grammarly Premium includes a much greater number of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and context checks.

Further than the checks in the free version, it will look out for:

  • Inconsistencies in writing
  • Poor structure
  • Words that are overused
  • Wordiness
  • Tone that doesnt match
  • Insensitive language.

View Grammarly’s premium version here

Quillbot Premium Review

Quillbot Premium features include:

  • Paraphaser is unlimited in word count
  • Several modes are available: Expand, shorten, formative, simple, and creative
  • The following are four Synonyms options
  • Freeze Words, Phrases, and more
  • 6000 words are allowed in the Summarizer
  • A faster processing speed
  • Grammar edits for advanced grammar
  • Compare mode (Desktop only)
  • Check for plagiarism*

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Executive Summary.

While both Quillbot vs Grammarly offer a wide range of capabilities, the former is entirely web-based whereas the latter is browser-based.

Therefore, Quillbot allows users to access their program from any web-enabled device, whereas Grammarly users have to install an online plug-in.

Additionally, Grammarly users can choose a desktop application, while Quillbot has only a web version.

The Quillbot tool is useful for people who want to summarize their research, SEO optimization, students who want an essay paraphrase tool, etc.

Grammarly is great, but its price tag makes it less attractive than Quillbot.

Quillbot is an affordable grammar checker that helps users avoid simple errors that otherwise might make their writing appear unprofessional.

The good news is that Grammarly is the easy option for you as a blogger. QuillBot is a better option if you are a student and can afford the cost.

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