There are lots of ways to make extra money, but sometimes you need it RIGHT NOW.

Whether that’s because a bill is due or you want to save up for something big, there is no better time than now to start making some quick cash!

We put together this list of ways to earn some extra money when you need it. Some are more long-term while others are great ways for picking up a little bit of change on the side.


Stash is an investing and banking platform that makes getting started easy.
With thousands of stocks, ETFs, and bonds to choose from you can invest in fractional shares starting with just $1.
As a Stash account holder you’ll get access to your very own bank account, as well as the Visa card which will earn Stock-Back rewards for every purchase, made using it ($5 deposit required).
Utilizing user-friendly educational resources along the way, explore everything this innovative company has to offer including how anyone anywhere can start making smart investments now!
Open up your new investment savings plan by depositing at least $5 today:
Get a bonus $10 immediately when opening an account


How would you like to make a quick buck? InboxDollars is an app that pays people just for taking surveys.
Surveys are typically 3-25 minutes long and can earn anywhere from $5-$20 in cash rewards!
You also get the chance to turn your points into more money by watching videos, playing games, shopping online or reading emails (and redeeming free coupons)!
The best part about it all is that when you sign up with them today they’ll give you a whopping $5 welcome bonus as soon as possible after downloading their application onto your device so there’s no reason not be intrigued

Cashyy is an Android app that offers a bunch of different games for you to play and missions for completing.
The missions involve playing the game from Cashyy’s library, which can be any type of puzzle or strategy game among others like adventure and arcade types as well.
When you complete your mission by finishing up with whatever time limit has been set, Cashy will reward you in coins which can then become cash through PayPal directly or it’ll redeemable on Amazon gift cards if those are more suitable options!


Americans are overpaying on car insurance and can slash an average of $440 from their bill by comparison shopping according to experts.
Use The Zebra, a free virtual assistant that helps people find cheaper car insurance policies in seconds- just enter your zip code! It’s completely neutral – it simply aims to help its users the best possible policy for them.
Time magazine has said of The Zebra: “You best bet when you need compare rates across companies.”

flash rewards

Flash Rewards is a rewards program that gives people cash for doing things like playing games, trying apps, and completing advertised offers.
They’re very trusted with an average 4.3 star rating on TrustPilot which makes them one of the top 10 most loved companies in America!
To get your $750 SHEIN gift card first go to the Flash Reward website or app (available for both Apple & Android) fill out some basic info about yourself then take their quick survey — it will only take two minutes max!
Afterward you need to complete ten deals – either by downloading free mobile game apps from their site or through sponsored links found all over social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook where they advertise themselves often too. This limited-time offer lasts until Halloween

A free Android gaming platform that pays people to play games.
The app will provide a list of free-to-play, customized games for the user’s preference and pay them in “units” as they continue playing their favorite game on the platform. With enough units earned you are able to redeem your points from Amazon (among other retailers), VISA or Google Play gift cards!


Hometap is a company that helps homeowners tap into their property’s equity to get fast cash.
They invest in your home and give you a lump sum of money in exchange for an ownership share of the future value of your house!
You can use this money however you want- do whatever with it when selling, but make sure not to spend too much because Hometap takes 3% as closing fees deducted from what they pay out on requests up to $300,000 max available.
This isn’t really a loan so don’t worry about paying interest or repaying anything either way


Chime is an award-winning mobile bank with essentially no fees.
With this app, you can get overdraft coverage up to $100 without minimum balance requirements and monthly service charges. You also won’t be charged any foreign transaction or transfer fees when using Chime’s services overseas.
It has more than 38,000 fee free ATMs via Visa Plus Alliance and MoneyPass which gives access to your paycheck days early through direct deposit while saving money towards your goals automatically every time you make a purchase at home or abroad by rounding up the amount on their debit card!


Playing Lucktastic’s FREE scratch card App has tons of benefits to offer. You can win cash and gift cards for playing, receive tokens as you play that redeem for Amazon Gift Cards or different prizes like a Nintendo Switch!
Every month they have contests with amazing prizes up to $1 million in value including things like a Mac Book Pro, Apple watch or even more lottery tickets.
With its biggest prize being $2,500 dollars guaranteed it is worth checking out what these games are all about today!


You could have the chance to be one of the first public investors in upcoming IPOs with its new feature IPO Access.
Start investing now and you’ll get your first share valued between $3-$225.
With 5,000 stocks to choose from plus ETFs, options and more unlimited commission-free trades happen live so you can take advantage on every opportunity that comes up for trading too!
You also receive all tools needed inside their app like educational resources resulting in self-managing portfolios possible without any hassle at all!


Credible helps you find the best personal loan for your needs and budget in minutes. It offers a wide variety of loans up to $100,000 with interest rates starting as low as 2.49%.
If you have a credit score of 600 or higher, then there is better chance that they can get approved across multiple lenders who offer competitive rates on different types of products like car loans and mortgages


This awesome app is a lifesaver when it comes to managing your finances.
Never forget about any of the subscriptions you have again, and get alerts for rate changes that might affect how much you’re paying! With Hiatus Premium ($10/month), know what your budgeting should be like with their handy charts.
If there’s something wrong or if an alert pops up (e.g., potential overdraft), just click on them in-app to get help fixing things right away!


Steady is a free app that connects you to part-time, hourly and on-demand work opportunities.
It helps its 1.5 million members earn an average of $5000 in additional income annually by answering questions at sign up for personalized job listings with the help of their bank account linked within the app’s Income Tracker feature.
Members are eligible for fast cash through both completing offers from partner advertisers and emergency grants when it comes down to short term financial relief!
Steady has awarded more than 2 Million Dollars so far across 62 thousand people who have needed temporary assistance during difficult times such as unemployment or disability

A rewards app that helps shoppers earn gift cards with their grocery receipts. You can rack up 3,000 points and start redeeming them for various brands like Amazon, Walmart, Target or Sephora just by using your receipt to upload a photo of it on the Fetch Rewards app!


You can’t predict what will happen in life, so make sure you protect your family with the most affordable and flexible term life insurance.
With Ladder’s online agency, all policies are up to $8 million dollars for only a few clicks! It doesn’t matter if you’re already covered or need more coverage- just change it when needed without any fees ever involved.
You’ll never be pressured into anything by those pesky brokers either- just quality protection that works for everyone from even the smallest budgets right on through to ones who have plenty of extra funds available too.


Get paid to tell companies what you think about their products and services! Get invites for in-home product testing, get paid every survey you complete, earn Amazon gift codes or free products.
Sign up now – it only takes 5 minutes


Get paid to tell companies what you think about their products and services!
Get invites for in-home product testing, get paid The future is now and that means getting a diversified portfolio of real estate investments managed for you.
With 4 portfolios to choose from, it’s never been easier than with Fundrise.
The Starter Portfolio has a $10 investment minimum but can still be invested entirely in the Flagship Fund which already owns over 250 million worth of properties around the country- from single-family rentals to larger e-commerce properties!
You’ll earn regular income on your deposits plus get regular updates about how each property is doing including milestones such as new construction progress or occupancy reports – all without lifting more than one finger.

Life insurance for people who want to be smart with their money.
Everyday Life is fixing that! Protect your family and your budget with coverage that fits every stage of your life.
Save time, hassle, and money by comparing multiple insurers online or in-store now at rates as low as $7 per month.
Get a free quote today.

A market research company that partners with everyone from household brands to governments, pays you for your opinions on them!
Answer a questionnaire to create a user profile so they can target surveys and offers specifically geared toward you.
Get invites for paid surveys in the form of polling, multiple-choice, short answers and more by way of email or Facebook messenger; once you’ve earned $50 cash out via Amazon gift cards or Visa card.

This free rewards app offers cash back for more than 1,500 brands with deals available at 150 online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.
Earn up to 10% in cashback shopping through the app or in-person by linking your card before you shop!
On average users report saving $300 a month using this smartly designed user interface that is compatible on all smartphones from Apple and Android phones.
Download today so you can start earning an additional income of about 3x what it costs to use the program monthly (depending upon how much time spent).

To wrap things up

Figuring out how to earn extra money can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

We hope that this blog post has given you some ideas about where you might want to spend your time and energy when you are looking for ways to supplement your income or build real wealth.

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