Text to speech has become a pretty big thing in the past few years. There are Ai voice generators online, and there is even voice-to-text software for your computer!

Voice is becoming an important part of search engine optimization and marketing.

Text to speech has been used as a way of creating branding videos or marketing material. It can be used as an alternative for phone interviews instead of sending texts back and forth. You could also use it on social media or YouTube videos you upload, so people can hear what you have to say before they click on anything else!

One text-to-speech generator that may be worth checking out is Play.ht. They offer text to speech in multiple languages as well! You can even customize the voice tone, speed, gender, and then download your creation for phone usage, emailing, or social media and marketing purposes.

What are some ways text to speech can help your marketing?

One way that you can use text to speech is for phone interviews. Instead of having the candidate text back and forth with you, send them a text message that has voice messages in it.

A second way that text to speech can help your marketing is by using Text To Speech (TTS) on your social media content to explain your product.

These could be step-by-step videos that direct your customers from point A to B. If you have a product that needs a lot of explaining then this would be a great use for it.

Text-to-speech voices are clear, professional sounding, and will save you from constant customer support emails.

Once you explain your product via the video, all you have to do is make it available to customers through your website.

A third way that text to speech can help your marketing is with branding videos or other marketing material.

Examples Of How To Use Ai Voice Generators In Your Business

Social Media-Many businesses are starting to use Tiktok to promote themselves. Tiktok videos using text to speech are really effective when done correctly. You can download your scripted text to speech from AI Voice Generators online and use it in your video.

-Some online text-to-speech tools also offer text-to-speech editing software for video. You can use this feature with your generated AI voice and add it as a voiceover, or just place the sound on top of the visuals.

Customer Service-You could create text to speech messages that are sent out using text messaging services like WhatsApp messenger and Facebook messenger. This text message would make your business stand out and would also create a sense of brand trust.

Product Information-If you have an eCommerce website, text to speech is a great way to create text-to-speech videos about your products. You can use ai generated voice to communicate your product’s key features, styles, and attributes. You can also use these in your ads. Having an ai generated voice saves you time and energy and is much cheaper than hiring a professional studio.

Customer Support-If you are using chatbots, these can also be text to speech enabled. Chatbots are text-based programs that can answer questions or carry out tasks on behalf of a business. Examples include online shopping, customer service chat apps, and scheduling appointments.

By combining Voice and chatbots, businesses are able to automate text-based interactions with customers.


There are many ways that you can use text to speech in your business and it is a great way of adding professionalism to your business.

Also, you can explain things better when using voice via ai generation than text alone.

In this blog post, we will talk about how text to speech is a great way of marketing your business.

We also explain that text-based interactions with customers can be automated by combining voice and chatbots in order to increase customer satisfaction.

There are many ways that you can use text to speech in your business that are not mentioned in this article.

If you want to get started with a text-to-speech and download your first voice over check out Play.ht.

They allow you to download your ai generated voice in different languages. This service is not available with most other ai voice generators out there.