8.3 out of 10
Ease of Use
Customer Service


Easy to use

A human like assistant

Easily converts basic English to advanced English.

Paraphrasing work without losing essence

Many editor tools


Not good for paraphrasing stories, poems, fiction

Meaningless output at times

Free Version has 125 Paraphraser word limit

In this Quillbot review we look at this paraphrasing, content editing and writing tool to see if it can help you.

Are you a student, editor, writer or just someone who wants better content?

If that’s you, then read this in depth Quillbot review to see if this content writing software is for you.

What Is Quillbot?

Quillbot uses Machine learning and artificial intelligence to rewrite content. If you’re creating new content for your website, writing a school paper, or summarizing articles, Quillbot is a great option.

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How does writing for Quillbot work?

Quillbot rewrites content. The writing doesn’t look like the original copy of the article or website.

It looks like a new article — except it can capture the style of the original, making articles look more like the original than a human writer would.

You can view editing suggestions and approve them or reject them. If your content is approved,

Quillbot will create human perfect articles. If you wish to rephrase the sentences as you write them, just try your best to keep the meaning or sentence structure same.

When you are happy with the content after the rewriting is complete, click the ‘Create Article’ button to create the new article.

Why Use Quillbot?

This is an ideal option if you are seeking to repurpose content, for academics, or if your goal is to write within a budget-friendly way.

Useful for peer reviews, course comments, and many other functions.

Also great if you want to paraphrase longer or bland texts.

Creative+ is a mode that uses creativity to make changes to bland words and phrases. Students benefit from it.

The article you want to paraphrase can be pasted into Standard Mode. This allows you to change words in your article while maintaining the same style.

I enjoy Quillbot’s “Freeze Words” option. Freeze Words allow you to choose which words Quillbot won’t change.

How good is this tool?

QuillBot is one of the best AI writing tool that combines multiple editing features to help users create clear and concise sentences.

The Quillbot software has multipile tools including:

  • Paraphraser allows users to rephrase any text in a variety of ways. A thesaurus is an entire sentence.
  • You can restructure and rearrange sentences without changing the original text’s meaning.
  • Starting with Standard and Fluency, it has seven editing modes.

After opening it, all you have to do is paste the content or type the sentence(s) you want to rephrase in the left textbox. If you’re fixing an entire document, you’ll also find an upload button.

The only thing you need to do is click Rephrase when the content is in the textbox. You will see the result on the right if the AI modifies the content, based on the Quill mode you selected.

Grammar Checker allows you to correct errors in Paraphraser and Summarizer results.

Does Quillbot Support Different Languages?

Yes, and No. Text that is non-English can be pasted or uploaded.

Paraphrasers will translated the output to English and deliver it.

On the other hand, it currently returns only English outputs. Paraphrased Spanish text will not appear in Spanish if you enter Spanish text.

QuillBot also has only three English dictionaries – American, British, and Australian.

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Quillbot Pricing; How Much Does It Cost?

As of writing this Quillbot review, the pricing is as follows:

  • Annual plan is: $8.33/ month & billed at $99 every 12 month.
  • Semi-annual plan is: $13.33 /month & billed at $79.95 every 6 months
  • Monthly plan: $19.95 / month

Can I Use Quillbot for Free?

QuillBot gives you a forever free plan. Consequently, you can continue using it without paying.

This plan allows:

  • Paraphrasing with only 150 words at once.
  • QuillBot offers several writing modes, but the free plan allows only two modes.
  • Free Summarizer doesn’t allow you to summarize more than 1,200 words.

If you want to overcome the limitations of the free version, you can always upgrade to the premium plan.

Does Quillbot offer an Api?

Currently QuillBot is no longer offering API. The company did not provide any reason behind discontinuing the service.

Is Quillbot the Best Article Rewriter Tool?

In our QuillBot review we have found that it is one of the best paraphrasing article rewriter tools out there.

This is because it also replaces your words by synonyms. The AI helps maintain the context of your sentences while retaining the correct structure and grammar.

Writers cannot let tools like QuillBot go unnoticed. Writers get an all-in-one package and can save unnecessary hours doing nothing on their desks.

Here are some reasons why QuillBot is recommended over other paraphrasing tools:

  • A unique feature of QuillBot is its vocabulary enhancement feature.
  • Several text editors such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs can be integrated with QuillBot.
  • Grammar check is available to make your sentence structure better. To make sense of your sentences and paragraphs, it uses NLP.

What are some Quillbot Alternatives

Some alternatives include, grammarly and wordtune.

Quillbot Vs Grammarly: Which Is Better?

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Quillbot and Grammarly are advanced grammar checkers that find errors, remove unnecessary words, and improve clarity.

Quillbot can be good if you are an academic or need a budget-friendly writing assistant.

If you want to paraphrase longer texts, it’s a good choice.

Grammarly Premium is more expensive.You can use it to edit your work and check for plagiarism problems to make sure you are not facing any problems.

It’s even better if you work with other writers and want to check their work for plagiarism or missing citations. I’m also glad they have the free version, even if its reports are limited.

If you are writing essays or academic papers, use Quilbot.

If not, pay more for Grammarly