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Blog Logo design Ideas | 7 Awesome Example to Inspire you

BLOGGING: What Makes a Good Logo | 5 Awesome Examples to Inspire you This is a complete guide to making a great logo. In this guide you will learn everything there is to know to have an awesome design, including: Why design matters Real-life examples Advanced tips What makes a great logo Lots more Find out the 5 main keys of what makes a good logo below. Let’s jump right in.When a political candidate runs for presidency in the united states, they usually have a slogan that summaries what they stand for and are aiming to do. When voters see or hear these slogans, it helps them identify with the candidate better. Especially when its memorable, short, carries impact, inspires trust, has promise. Just like a political slogan is important if you were running for presidency,  a good logo is important for any website or blog. Blog visitors can decide whether to read or leave your content based on first impressions. Logos that are created the right way not only improve the level of trust,...

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