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I believe building a successful business should not be confusing or overwhelming.

Many people start with the entrepreneurship fire burning strong, However, after following the wrong advice, shiny object syndrome, or unforeseen challenges, that fire slowly dies until it dissipates. I’m here to help you prevent that.

Through my website blog, I share with you proven roadmaps, tools, and systems used by myself or other successful entrepreneurs to get the results that have helped change their lives.

I do this by sharing stories, tips, and strategies that will break you out of the prison of defeat.

If you are thinking of starting an online business or have one, this blog is made for you in mind.


Hi, my name is Donald I’d like to share the story of my journey so far with you.

I was born in Kenya, My family moved to the United Kingdom when I was young.

I come from a working-class family, so growing up, I was taught to aim for a good-paying job, most preferably in the medical field following after my parents.

I was taught to keep my head down work hard, live frugally, pursue a job.

I have never settled with this idea. And if you are a reader of my blog, chances are you are the same.

My First Epiphany.

I’ve always been someone who works hard, which is not that great if you are not working smart.
I remember working a night shift one day at a local supermarket in my local area stacking massive stacks of drinks onto a shelf, during Christmas eve, at 4.00 am 

Then it hit me like a truck,

The realization of how I never want to work for a minimum wage like a slave, sacrificing my time and health.

I had to aim higher for myself

I saw how others did it and so I thought why not me.

I’ve always wanted to have financial freedom, never worrying about money or a paycheck. Can you relate to this?

I saw how others became successful, I had to be next.

I went online and scoured for information that i could learn to create my successful online business.

From Battling Failure, Doubt, To Developing a Tenacious Successful Business

Many of my first attempts at creating a ‘successful blog website’ failed miserably.

My first website was an affiliate page on graphic design products. I knew nothing about this niche, so naturally, this did not go anywhere.

I would try all sorts of tactics, like posting on forums trying to get people to my website.

A lot of what I would try was information I got online from random places, or “gurus” I would stumble upon.

It’s not until I found a mentor that my results began to bear fruit.

I created my online store selling gift items to cat owners, which I did $500 in profit during the first month,
then un upwards of $5000 a month.

What I learned throughout my course online is what I’m teaching here today.