What Makes a Good Logo | 5 Awesome Examples to Inspire you

This is a complete guide to making a great logo.

In this guide you will learn everything there is to know to have an awesome design, including:

  • Why design matters
  • Real-life examples
  • Advanced tips
  • What makes a great logo
  • Lots more

Find out the 5 main keys of what makes a good logo below.

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When a political candidate runs for presidency in the united states, they usually have a slogan that summaries what they stand for and are aiming to do.

When voters see or hear these slogans, it helps them identify with the candidate better. Especially when its memorable, short, carries impact, inspires trust, has promise.

Just like a political slogan is important if you were running for presidency, 

a good logo is important for any website or blog.

Blog visitors can decide whether to read or leave your content based on first impressions. Logos that are created the right way not only improve the level of trust, but also increase conversion rates and website traffic. 

In this article, we are covering the best bad ass design techniques that will turn your visitors into raving fans and coming back for more.


What Makes a Good Blog Logo Design?

Every logo has identifiable characteristics, and if you follow these can help carry your business forward. A good one needs to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate.


Making it simpler makes it more recognizable.  This also catches the attention of the viewer more easily. A good example is a blog called Studio diy. 


studio diy what makes a good logo blog


Following on from the principle of simplicity, good designs are also memorable. A good example is the one from apple the company. Everyone who has seen it is likely to remember it even if it is their first  time with the company.

To make yours memorable you have  to make it simple yet unique. Simple ones that standout are easy to remember.


It is important for them to timeless. While designing logos you need to look in the long term, will yours last 10 years 20 years 50 years?  Thinking long term allows for brand longevity. 


An effective logo is one that can be used across a variety of media platforms and applications. They should be designed in vector format so that it can be resized to any scale. You have to ask yourself if yours can still be effective if printed, 

  • Can it be in reverse color?
  • Light logo black background?
  • Can it be resized to the size of a postage stamp or a large billboard?

The best way to create a versatile one is by designing it in black and white.


It has to match your niche. If you run a baking blog, then it is appropriate that it matches the niche.

If you are running a blog focused on mum’s, then make sure people in your niche will be able to relate. When done correctly, it will be easy to brand and build an audience that will come back to your blog or website and also share with other like-minded people.

Look at the example below of a popular women’s weight-loss program called



Where To Get Good Blog Logo Designers

Are you ready to create your logo?  Here are places to get awesome graphic designers.  We start with the most affordable to the most professional. 

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What elements do you value about a logo, think of how you can make yours more aesthetically pleasing

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