AI editing tools like Wordtune have come a long way in the past few years.

It’s much more convenient than having to move from one site to another.

Best yet, with all of the tools that Wordtune has to offer, it makes your content easier for the reader to understand.

Check out our Wordtune review below to learn more.

Wordtune homepage vs grammarly-min

Wordtune AI Overview

Wordtune isn’t designed to give grammar checks.

As opposed to the traditional AI software tools, it attempts to understand what you write and how it is constructed.

A collaborative project with AI21 Labs, it uses multiple language models to rephrase sentences.

Wordtune makes your content more compelling, engaging, and easily digestible.

To accomplish this, the service uses advanced neural-net-based NLP technology combined with standard AI tools.

As you paraphrase the content you’ve written, it rewrites it more easily and clearly.

Instead of regular grammar checks that focus more on syntax than semantics, it seeks to improve readability.

Below is a Wordtune review of its features.

Wordtune Features

You can write great sentences using Wordtune which preserves its original meaning.

It can be used to rewrite every sentence using several options.

Other features Wordtune offers aside from the above:

  • A fully cloud-based tool
  • Smart paste
  • Uses all editors and email clients
  • Rewrites with semantic analysis
  • The ability to control the length of sentences and style
  • As suggestions, based on real-time thesaurus
  • Multiple-language word finder
  • Integration with social media sites and business tools

Wordtune review User Experience

We love Wordtune, it has a stylish menu and features that help you with sentence rephrasing, grammar, and style issues.

The software will bring up a number of options for you to choose from when you click a button.

Some of the suggested changes are excellent and can give you alternative ways to express what you are trying to say.

Wordtune Pricing

Wordtune also has three-tier pricing structures comparable to Grammarly.

It is free for everyone to use in the Free plan without paying.

Premium paid plans can be switched over for advanced features, as described below.

Free Plan starts at $0 : Wordtune gives basic suggestions, basic rewrites and a chrome addon.

The premium plan starts at $9.99 monthly:where you get advanced rewrites and suggestions, the ability to control the text formality and a word finder feature.

The premium plan for teams: gives everything in the premium plans, but with team billing and custom pricing depending on your team needs.


My Wordtune Pros & Cons


  • The software comprehends your tone and provides suggestions you can use.
  • Rephrasing allows you to come up with new ways to say things
  • Wordtune can be a good tool for those who struggle with written expressions


  • It must be disabled unless you want to use up all credits when not in use
  • Sometimes, Chrome’s extension can be a bit buggy


A lot of people might be wondering if this AI editor is worth spending money on.

This AI editor is perfect for someone who is looking for a way to make their written content correctly formatted.

Wordtune looks great while still being easy to use and understand.

In conclusion, the AI product is worth it if you want to improve your written content and you want a more premium solution than the default Word software.