19+ AWESOME Winning Dropshipping Product Research Tools  [2021 Reviews]


I am including in this article some of the best dropshipping product research tools available.

Finding a winning product is never easy. As Dropshipping becomes increasingly competitive, being the first to sell a winning product becomes more important if you want to make the most money.

You do not want to be the person going after products that are widely sold by others and already saturate the market.

You might make some money from these products, but after heavy competition and diminishing demand, that money quickly stops.

By aiming to be the first to a winning product, you are setting up yourself for massive success.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the best dropshipping product research tools that will help you find winning Shopify products easily.

These dropshipping research tools can help you save time and make money.

They work by finding Winning or viral products on Aliexpress and other suppliers.


What are the characteristics of a winning product?

If you want to get the most success from using these tools, it is important to understand the psychology behind a winning product.

Successful dropshipping is not picking random products that you think will sell, it is about hitting the bullseye with every campaign.

Winning products should have a minimum of three of the below checked.

  • Extremely Unique
  • Helps save time
  • Makes the customers life easier
  • Helps the customer save money
  • Has a high perceived value

Tools i recommend cover all the bases for these criteria. The great thing about some of these tools is that you can test them for free without paying.


You can jump to sections of interest in the post by navigating with the links below:

  1. What Are The Characteristics of a Winning Product.
  2. Top 3 Free Winning product finder tools
  3. Top 5 “spy tools” features (based on features)
  4. Worthy Mentions 

Top 3 Free Winning Product Finder Tools

These are the top free winning product finder tools for Shopify. They all have free plans where you can find your first winning products.

For more functionality, you may choose to subscribe to their pro versions.


#1 Ecomhunt


Ecom Hunt is one of the most popular dropshipping product research tools currently.

Most dropshippers can vouch for this tool as one of the best dropshipping product research tools.

It ranks high because of its features and the data it provides to store owners.

When choosing a product to sell you need all the data on the item that you can get.

This is where Ecomhunt excels.


Ecomhunt Best dropshipping product research tool gif

When you search for a product on Ecom hunt they show you:

  • Products downloadable high-quality images
  • The ranking aliexpress supplier with fastest shipping
  • optimized product description
  • Estimated profit margin and cost of each item.
  • Product analytics, (estimation of how many stores are selling it)
  • Engagement on the product
  • Product video,
  • Facebook Ads currently running for the product.
  • Facebook targeting suggestion

We would recommend Ecomhunt especially for beginners who want to get started  with Shopify.


Visit Ecomhunt


Free- Limited

Pro- $29/ month per user


#2 Niche Scraper 


Nichescraper differentiates itself as one of the best dropshipping product research tools due to its video ad maker feature.

Not only can you search for trending, viral, and winning products, you can now create a quick video ad to use for your Facebook ad campaign with the click of a button.

Just upload your images, write the ad copy then click generate.

They also offer royalty-free music to use.


Niche scraper features:

These are the full features of Nichescraper:

  • Handpicked Product Section (by the nichescraper team)
  • Product Scraper (finds viral products in both Shopify stores and Aliexpress by showing bestsellers)
  • Facebook Video Ad Generator


Visit Nichescraper


Free Version – Limited

Pro – $49/ month per user


#3 Allfactor 


Allfactor is a competition analysis Ecommerce tool.

Its very broad in its scope of data analysis.

This tool is not just for dropshipping but Ecommerce in general.

You can use this to find trending products.

Here are some of Allfactor features:

  • Market insights. ( Use their database and search functions to get a picture of what trending)
  • Advanced Analytics. (Look at graphs by seeing trends over time)
  • Real-time Tracking (Monitor current searches and how they are doing)

You can try it for free.


Visit Allfactor


Basic – Free /month (limited data access)

Professional – $19/month (check out what you get for this here)

Business – $ 199 /month

Most people will not need the business plan.


Top 5 Spy tools for dropshipping product research (based on features).

These product finders have awesome spy tools if you are looking to outperform or spy out your competition. In no particulate order look below for spy tools dropshipping software.


#1 ShopInspect


Shopinspect is a powerful winning product finder and a strong competitor to Ecomhunt.

I would recommend it to someone who is not a beginner in dropshipping.

Shopinspect breaks down data by utilizing Google trends.

It gives you reports and insights to help you easily discover trends.

Just like their name suggests, they are known as a tool for spying on competitors.

You can find trending and upcoming Shopify shops in minutes.

What are the features of Shopinspect?

  • Shopify shop search
  • Ad inspect
  • ‘Smart score’ (shows the average monthly web searches for any keyword.)
  • ‘Interest over time’. (shows a line graph of the volume of a keyword over time)
  • Word cloud, (shows similar words to your keyword)


Visit Shopinspect


A 7-day trial then $39 /month

Shopinspect is different from Ecom hunt in that it focuses more on Spying on competition and noticing trends.

This can be done using the ‘shop search’ feature and ‘interest over time’ feature.


#2 Sell the trend


Sell the trend is a really comprehensive product research tool that stands out above the rest.

This dropshipping tool gathers product data from all the major platforms i.e Amazon marketplace , Facebook, Google, Shopify and Aliexpress.

People with advanced Dropshipping knowledge will like this tool.

It’s not complicated as a dropshipping beginner can use it.

Because it pulls data from Amazon, you can be sure to get really juicy gems of a product using Sell the trend.

As the name suggests, this tool helps you identify trends easily.

Sell the Trend Features include.

  • The Nexus, ( Products found by their team)
  • Nexus hot stores and products
  • Dropship Product explorer
  • Dropship Store Explorer
  • Favorite and Add Unlimited Stores
  • Store Intelligence
  • Trending Ads & Trackable Ads
  • One Click Add To Store
  • Facebook Audience Builder
  • Video Ads Creator
  • Influencer Engagement Calculator
  • Aliexpress Trend Explorer
  • Ali New, Hot & Hidden Gems
  • Amazon Trend Explorer
  • Amazon New, Hot & Hidden Gems
  • Real Trend Charts
  • 24×7 Support


Visit Sell The Trend


7 day trial then $39 /month


#3 Dropship Spy 


Dropship spy is a standard dropshipping product research and spy tool. They have a decent product team.

Compared to the other tools they rank average.

On the other hand they differentiate themselves with their influencer search feature.

If you want to do influencer marketing , you could try this feature.

In my opinion, i would recommend, you learn how to identify good high-engagement Instagram pages for yourself before you use this feature.

This is because you can see if a page has a high number of followers but a low chance to convert or engage when you post an ad with them.

Another differentiating feature about Dropship spy is their reviews downloader.

With this feature, you are able to download Aliexpress reviews on the product you choose.

This is a big trust factor for customers who land on your store.

Below are all the features of Dropship spy.

  • Ready to use Video ads (would recommend not copying)
  • FB audience builder (targeting)
  • Influencer search
  • Product spy
  • Advert Engagement scores (spy feature)
  • Competition store search
  • Reviews Downloader



No free trial

Pro = $20 /month per user (use code SAVE10, for 10% off)


#4 Intelligynce


Intelligynce is a fairly basic dropshipping product research tool but it has its perks.

They have the standard dropshipping product search and Shopify spy tool.

They also have a team that uploads product data every two weeks.

Here are some of intelligynce features:

  • Shopify product research
  • Shopify Stores (spy feature)
  • Hot products (handpicked trending products)
  • Store Builder


Visit Intelligynce


$39 /month

$99 Lifetime Access

Yearly Option $79 / year


#5 Profitbuster


Profitbusters is unique in that it gives product data on print on demand exclusively. If you want to focus on print on demand then this is the product research tool that you need.

Profitbusters can give you a good idea on what to design.

You can take the guesswork out of product research by redesigning winning products from the data that you pull from this tool.

Print on demand designs can be redesigned better than competitors without infringing on anyone’s copyrights and therefore capitalising on a trend.

Here are some of profitbusters features:

  • Top performing trends daily
  • Daily updates of winning design
  • Ad spy, store spy,
  • Interest Targeting
  • Design Research, (Etsy, Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Pinterest, Google)


Visit Profit Buster


No free trial

$30 /month

$25 / month (with 6 month plan)

$20/month (with 12 month plan)


Worthy mentions dropshipping product research tools 

In no particular order, below are alternatives to the best dropshipping product research tools currently in the market.


# 1 Thieve.co


This dropshipping product research tool is completely different from the others.

If you are thinking of running a store in the creative niche space i.e. photographer, artist, minimalistic store etc, then you will prefer Thieve.

Thieve products are hand-selected by a group of creatives from around the world.

These are bloggers, photographers, designers and others.

If the creative space is your niche, then check out Thieve.


Visit Thieve


No free trial

Dropship = $29 / month per user

Pro = $99 /month per user


#2 Alishark 


Alishark is not a traditional product research tool.

They do not have a team that handpick products like most of the other tools.

Instead, their software pulls data from Aliexpress and logs it in their software.

You then can refine your search within Alishark by keyword, and the amount sold within the last few days.

This can give you a good idea of how a product is doing from week to week.

The downside to this method of searching is that most of these products are very generic.

If you are a beginner you might be tempted to pick the top-selling products of the week, but this is a huge mistake.

Products that do well with drop shipping from 6 figures to 7 figures are sometimes products with minimal sales on Aliexpress.

If you want to pick winning products follow the criteria highlighted in the Ecomhunt section of this article.


Visit AliShark


2 day trial for $1 then $20 /month


#3 D-Nicheur


D-Nicheur are good with updating their product, so you can expect updates atleast daily.

Other than that, they are a typical Product research tool


Visit D-Nicheur


$20 / month

For more frequent product updates (3 product a day ) $30 / month



#4 Find Niche


Find niche features include an advanced product filter and product database.

You are able to see the sales volume broken down by country or region, historical data, and which Shopify stores are selling the item.

It has a great dropshipping store spy feature where you can analyze Shopify stores from around the world.


Visit Find Niche


7 day trial for $1

Pro- $29/ month

Elite – $59 / month


# 5 Commerce Inspector



Commerce Inspector is a Google Chrome app that leans more on a Shopify spy tool than a product research tool.

You can easily spy on Shopify stores’ top selling products, Facebook Ads, Monthly site visitors.

On the other hand, sometimes the data pulled by Commerce inspector can be inaccurate.

Their tool shows store revenue which usually is a ballpark estimate.

They also have a tool that shows you what apps a store uses.

This feature is also not always accurate.

I would not recommend you get the paid version of this chrome extension.

Checkout the free version if you want to test it out.


Visit Commerce Inspector


Free version (limited capabilities, chrome extension)

Start- $49 / month (unlimited data for 3 stores)

Grow- $99 /month (unlimited data 10 stores)

Scale- $249 /month (unlimited data for 30 stores)

Conquer- $499 (unlimited data for all stores)


# 6 Asify 


Asify is a standard product research tool.

Here are Asify features:

  • Product sale Statistics
  • Reliable supplier search


Visit Asify



#7 Wish inspector.



Wish inspector is a dropship product research tool that analyzes wish.com the most popular dropshiping store online.

It shows you the best selling products on Wish.com to save you hundreds of hours of research.

To find out more about this tool, i would suggest watching the video on their website


Visit Wish Inspector


No free trial.

$67 One of license

and $77 for 10 licenses


#8 Pexda



Pexda is a fairly dropshipping popular product research tool.

They have daily updates of handpicked products.

Some of Pexda features include:

  • Getting winning products updates everyday
  • Facebook Adcopy inspiration
  • Discover hot products using the trends, before they go viral.
  • Facebook Ad targeting.


Visit Pexda


Standard= $1.95 for 14 day trial then $14.95 / month

Premium = $24.95 / month

Ultimate $99.95 / month


These are a summary of all the most popular product research tools currently available.

These are by no means all that there are, as more tools are being created especially as drop shipping continues to grow in popularity.

If you find other dropshipping product research tools worthy of mention that we have not listed you can contribute in the comment section below.

If you are in the process of building your Shopify Store, check out this article on the leading Shopify page builder.